Thursday, July 2, 2015

in the summertime ....

Even though summer didn't officially start until June 21 we've been enjoying summer activities and going back and forth to the cabin since May.  But I haven't entirely goofed off .....

Over the winter I tore up linens and t-shirts to make balls of 'yarn' for this rag rug ... I expected it to be my summer project but it worked up rather quickly.

I cross stitched a card for a friend - the envelope is lined with paper rather than fabric this time ... I was being lazy short of time.  It's Lucie Heaton's June Fairy.

These are the wildflowers that are blooming at the cabin just now.  From the top they are the Showy Lady Slipper, Lily (aka Tiger Lily) and Yellow Lady Slipper.  Interestingly, the lily is the provincial flower for the Province of Saskatchewan.  We've been having some splendid hot, dry weather!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

it's magic .....

Thanks to Jackie I learned how to make hexies from circles and it's magic!!!!  Now I'm hooked on making them and I've even come up with a few ideas for using them.^^

Here's a bird house that my fella made - he started fiddling in his shop one day and this was the result.  It has logs on two sides and shake shingles.  ^^

It's been very dry and quite windy and sometimes the smoke from the forest fires that are northwest of us is heavy.  When I had to take refuge from the wind whilst at the cabin this book was a delightful companion - it was such a good read that I may have taken refuge more often than necessary.   ^^

I found this tin at the landfill when I was dropping off a bag of garbage - there it was right at my feet. ^^  I took it home and gave it a good scrubbing; my fella took care of a dent in it; then I cleaned up some of the rust and sealed it.  A 500 ml water bottle, with the top cut off, fits quite nicely inside so that I can use it as a vase.  A E McKenzie has been a seed company in Manitoba for over a century and this can was one they offered to celebrate their 100th birthday in 1996.  I've learned to live with the dandelions this year ....don't they look pretty with the irises.

Monday, June 8, 2015

dandelion jelly

For ages I've had a recipe for dandelion blossom jelly.  With beautiful big blossoms on the dandelions this year and knowing they hadn't been sprayed I set about picking them.  It didn't take long to pick the blossoms but it was tedious to remove any green parts that came with them.  I was quite expecting the juice from boiling them to be the beautiful yellow of the blossoms - wrong .... it was more greenish.  I was somewhat skeptical but carried on and made the jelly with the addition of pectin and lots of sugar and a wee bit of yellow food colouring. ^^  Much to my surprise and delight the jelly is absolutely delicious!!  The recipe suggested it would be good with chicken but after sampling it we know it's good with and on many things including toast.  If you'd like the recipe just let me know. 

And last but not least - a hearty thank you to my new followers.

Monday, June 1, 2015

thinking Summer ....

This is my newest table mat, candle mat, wall hanging mini quilt ......  ^^

This one is now living at at the cabin.  Since I'm not sure if I want to hang it or use it as table mat I added triangles at the back for hanging. I think it would look nice on the verandah. The stitching design was one I found on Pinterest and I don't  know who is the designer.  

Monday, May 25, 2015

a moody Manitoba morning ....

We're just back from spending 10 days at our cabin in Manitoba.  I was up very early one morning and this was the scene that greeted me .....

At this time of year it's very quiet and peaceful there often with just the birds and wildlife for company.  On the way home we stopped at Beautiful Lake in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park .  This pair (and a spare) of mergansers were sunning themselves on the dock .....

I spotted this doorway at the bottom of a tree - it looks like the entrance to a fairy home ....

 and this one was just in the process of being carved out ...

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

a new designer

This past weekend was the first long weekend of the summer.  It's often referred to as the 24th of May, Victoria Day and/or the May long.  We had fabulous weather Thursday, Friday and Saturday then Mother Nature turned nasty with plummeting temperatures, strong winds, rain, and ice pellets or snow.  We didn't get the snow but got to use our wood stove.  Then on Monday the sun came out and we're having splendid weather.

I recently discovered a new x-stitch designer - new to me - Durene Jones.  I love her designs - they're whimsical and colourful.  I've only stitched one so far but it was such fun to stitch!! You'll find her on facebook -  google Durene Jones and her facebook page will come up which is where you'll find some of her designs  ... I couldn't make my link thingee work. :(

 I haven't decided how I'm going to finish this one - any suggestions?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

the butterflies .....

These are the butterflies that I mentioned in my last post.
 It was a good way to use up some odds and ends of yarn.
I've got these draped around some driftwood that stands in an umbrella stand but couldn't
get a decent photo of them that way. :(

 This is the link.

We spent a few days at the cabin that were most enjoyable.  We're home again to take care of some spring chores then we'll go back to cottage country and thus begins our summer of coming and going.

On April 30 our sweet Abby, aka Little Dog, joined Old Dog at the Rainbow Bridge where they await us.  We were heartbroken and miss her terribly.  She gave the best hugs and was so generous with them.  ♥