Thursday, March 5, 2015

French vintage ....

 March has arrived, the days are longer, the sun is shining again, and it feels like spring could be  just around the corner!

This is my French vintage cushion cover .....

using a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  I ironed some freezer paper to a piece of  ivory Kona , trimmed it to 8½x11, and printed the graphic directly onto the fabric.  After removing the freezer paper I soaked the printed fabric in some vinegar for a few minutes (and no ink ran), dried it, pressed it, and began sewing with dropcloth.  How easy is that!?!?!?!

And speaking of vintage ........ hmm, looks like it was wash day.  ^^

Do you remember the bouquet of fabric that I  posted about here - well, here it is in all it's beauty pressed and folded for you to see  ....

Thursday, February 19, 2015

cabin fever

In our neck of the woods cabin fever can rage rampant at this time of year and the best remedy is to keep busy and that's exactly what I did this month - kept myself busy.

 I had a bin of assorted remnants that I tackled - the small bits were cut up into various sizes from 2" squares to strips for binding .... there could have been lots of 1" squares but they're far too small for me to enjoy working with.  The other remnants (I show only a few here) were pressed, measured and wrapped with a label showing how much fabric was in each - here's a photo.  The jar contains all the 2" squares and I forgot to show the binding,  some of which I've started sewing together in lengths (which is tedious).

There were several quilt blocks that I wanted to try so I worked my way through them and here are a few ....

This is 'Pretty Posy' by Lorna - her tutorials are excellent.

This is a heart block by Cheri.  This was an easy one. I'm auditioning the striped fabric.

Next up is the Arrowhead block by  Sarah.
Perhaps if only one print were used it might look like a herringbone?  One quadrant alone looks like a tulip and is the perfect size for mug rugs ...... this was another excellent tutorial.
 Needless to say I have a nice collection of orphan quilt blocks that one day will make a very interesting quilt top or a lovely variety of cushion covers, table mats, mug mats, candle mats, etc.  - that's a lot of mats.  ^^

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Canadian Flag

Today, February 15 is the 50th birthday of the Canadian Flag!

Happy Birthday ♪♫♪♫

Friday, February 13, 2015

a mouse in my drawers .....

♥Happy Valentine's Day ♥

 There's a mouse in my drawers - this big eared mouse is filled with lavender to keep my lingerie nicely scented.

Just to prove that I've got heart s.  ^^

Made a mini penny rug using a Wagons West Design.

For the February basket - a Bird in the Hand Primitives design.  The
photo doesn't show that it's tea dyed.

A Lia Griffith design also for the February basket. 

I made these because 'love is in the air'!  ^^

Thursday, February 5, 2015

whatever ....

I don't particularly like the response "whatever"  but I can't think of a good title for this post and "whatever" seemed to fit.    :)    Here are a few projects that I've been working on....

This is a Luli  design - I love her designs!  have I said that before   ^^

I filled this with lavender to use as a sachet.  It's a design from Kathy Schmitz

I made one of Jenny's sparrows.

I found this amongst my UFOs and since the baskets had been a challenge for me to make due to their small size I was determined to finish it.   Surprisingly I was able to figure out how to assemble it and the rest is history.  It was a QAL from Temecula Quilt Company a few years back.  This is destined for the cabin.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Where did January go?

Boy, did this month of January go by quickly - I suspect it's because it was so mild ... yes, mild in January in our neck of the woods.  Last winter was our coldest in 18 years so I figure a mild January was owed to us.  ^^ Alas, the weather will get back to normal this weekend.  :(

Look at this beautiful bouquet of fabric - and it smells quite lovely, too!  I won it on Lesley's blog - isn't this a beautiful arrangement - needless to say I was thrilled to bits.  I'm enjoying looking at this so I haven't removed the fabric just yet  - I'll wait till I decide just what I'm going to make with it.

Here's a new and interesting blog to check out.

A winter table mat seemed appropriate.  The snowmen designs are from here - I stitched this in November but couldn't come up with the right fabric for the binding ... then, bingo, the perfect piece appeared!  ^^  If you recall, I'm sewing from stash, which can be a challenge ..... sometimes the right fabric is available but there isn't enough of it.  The dark blue batik reminded me of Jack Frost's paintings.

In honour of Groundhog Day on February 2 .....

I've been cleaning up and sorting through the sewing room - here are some golden oldies to look at .....

 I've had these items for a very long time.  The bodice on the pink pincushion has been crocheted around a chicken wishbone - the wishbone is painted pink with nail polish, there's a thimble at the very top and a hanger perhaps to represent a hat - and the light pink in the centre is where you stick the pins and needles... I should've stuck some in. ^^  The purple one is a hat and also has a thimble.  The top item is called a scarf saver with a wee safety pin at the back to use to attach to the inside of your coat; the verse says "I am just a little ring, not much good for anything.  But inside your coat, out of sight, I'll keep your scarf just right."  These bring back very fond memories - life was simpler and the gift of a scarf saver was appreciated.

You'll recognize the Happy Home needle book - I think everyone had one of these at one time.  The needle book on the right was a gift from a pen friend in the UK when I was in my early teens.  These are all the wooden spools that I have but I'm happy to have this many.  The darning tool and awl belonged to my MIL and I've used them many times myself.   I've put these in a glass jar where they look pretty and hopefully won't get lost.^^

Friday, January 23, 2015

Robbie Burns .....

January 25 is Robbie Burns Day and Scots around the world celebrate one way or another....
Since it's not a Scots' community where we presently live our celebration will be a quiet one.  ^^

This is the genuine McLaren Tartan (my maiden name is McLaren) along with the kilt pins my daughter and I used a long time ago.

This is our Clan Crest that I talked about here.

I made a table mat with 3" squares.  The backing and binding are all one piece  and that was interesting to do ....  I quite like how it worked out and have used the same method a few more times since.  I used perle cotton  ... I love doing the stem stitch in perle cotton... I coffee stained it - my hubby chuckled when he looked at it.  ^^

I made a new pincushion, too, not that I needed another one. ^^  My  bowl of pincushions runneth over but they're fun to make.  The design for this one can be found here.  It's felt appliqued to a scrap of corduroy recycled from an old shirt.